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Wills and Estates

When there is a death in the family, we can take care of all of the necessary legal requirements. If there are any assets being held by a bank, or some other institution, or 1 of the assets of the estate is property, then it will be necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate, if there is a Will, or Letters of Administration, if there is no Will, in order to distribute the assets of that deceased family member

We can undertake all of the necessary legal work with respect to all of these requirements.

Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney

If you have a Will, then you can be certain, when you die, that your estate is distributed in the way you want it to be. Without a Will, however, your estate would be distributed in a manner that would not necessarily be the way you wished it to be. This is especially so if you have remarried.

Any Will you may have made, is revoked by a new marriage or divorce.

We can draft your Will to accomplish whatever outcome you wish.

Enduring Powers of Attorney
If a person has an accident or suffers ill health where either of which renders them unable to make their own decisions about the significant aspects of their lives, then there has to be someone who will make these decisions. This is where an Enduring Power of Attorney comes into effect.

In this document you can appoint a trusted person to make these decisions, including the decision whether or not to withdraw treatment. This Power must, however, be created before you become unable to make your own decisions.

If you do not create an Enduring Power of Attorney and you do become unable to make your own decisions, then it is the Public Guardian who will perform this decision-making role. Such a situation is always extremely distressing to your other family members because the Public Guardian will make the necessary decisions without necessarily complying with what the other family members know would be what you would have wanted.

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